TLC Immersion Programs are designed to meet the needs of academically strong, but linguistically weak students who are preparing to transition into international, bilingual, or overseas schools.

Our TLC Immersion Program is a one-to-one intensive English bridge program that provides non-native speakers with the communication skills necessary to enter, and be successful in, English-speaking academic environments. This program is ideal for students with particularly ambitious learning goals, who would benefit from regular and continuous tracking of progress to ensure optimal results. These students usually require 5-25 hours of study per week, arranged in blocks of 100 hours or more. All ESOL students are carefully monitored, but by necessity, students attending the TLC Immersion Program receive a level of care that is considerably more extensive. Our TLC Immersion Program includes the following:

  • An in-depth initial assessment to assess pre-course needs in order to determine student’s specific learning challenges
  • private tutoring by a qualified native English speaking teacher
  • an Individualized Education Plan with materials developed by TLC specifically designed to match the student’s needs
  • access to specifically chosen on-line resources to compliment the work completed in class
  • written weekly and mid-term reports
  • comprehensive end-of-course assessment of student’s progress and future learning needs



Immersion Student Candidates

In order to ensure that a student is a good fit for our TLC Immersion Program, we look at a variety of factors including, but not limited to, his or her current school grades, emotional maturity, references from family and teachers, and referrals from schools to which the student has attempted entrance. 

Ideal TLC Immersion Program students are eager to learn, have well-developed study skills, and are self-motivated. They typically perform at or above grade level in local school and have strong communication skills in their mother tongue. 

In our experience, students who possess these qualities had tremendous success in immersion programs, and the rate of students seeking placement has been close to 100%.