About Our Program

At TLC we pride ourselves on offering a safe and caring learning environment that nurtures creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as building confidence and raising the grades of all our students. At the heart of our success over the past 13 years has been our approach to private tutoring and our dedication to our students’ success.

If you attend TLC you will appreciate our understanding that each student may take a different approach to learning and therefore our tutors will take the time to get to know their students as individuals in order to better create a teaching plan that will work best for that student. This is because TLC recognizes that tutoring is more than just an hour or two of teaching a week. It is about the rapport that develops between a tutor and his or her student. It is about the pride each student takes in the progress they have made as a result of the personal attention they receive from working within an individualized lesson plan that falls outside of a pre-set curriculum.

Whether your child is attending TLC for support in a challenging subject, or in need of enrichment in any area, our personalized tutors will coordinate with parents, classroom teachers, and/or support staff to develop a unique program specifically designed for your child. Through communication logs and emails, you will see exactly what your child is doing, where progress has been made, and where additional support may be needed.